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Spring is the season for weddings.....and anniversaries!

Have you been in your relationship for just a couple years, or has it been a couple of decades? Have you noticed the conflicts or criticism increase, or do you ever feel like you partner doesn't appreciate all you are doing? Have you thought about couples counseling, but didn't think things were "that bad" or just assumed this is what happens to every couple?

All couples grow apart.

NOPE! While it is true that relationships change over time, there is a tremendous amount of research about what "master" couples do to stay strong and keep the connection alive from when they first met and through periods of increased stress, who over time enhance their trust and support for one another, versus "disasters" who find so many interactions filled with tension and negativity and reminders of past hurts.

Do couples who love each other fight?

Of course they do! Its not the fight, its the ability to hold onto the respect, and the way ways we repair conflict that tells the health of a relationship.

They won't change, and probably I can't either. Its too late to try to do this differently.

Maybe, but you don't know if things can change unless you try, and have the right tools to work with. If you can open up to the idea that what you are dealing with LOTS of others do as well, and there are ways to do it better, then together you can start on the path of becoming a "master" couple. And the rewards are friendship, love, laughter, intimacy and a relationship that challenges you both to bring out the best in yourselves and each other.

Read About The Research In This Article From The Atlantic:



Gottman Institutes Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work


Just in times for Valentine's Day, spend the day with your better half in this award winning workshop, focused on renewing, strengthening and deepening your connection so that this most important relationship in your life is well taken care of. All long term committed couples welcome.

Saturday May 11th  9-4:15 (lunch provided)

Downtown Silver Spring

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