Art and Science Meet

Why The Fibonacci Sequence?

When I was choosing the name for a group practice that combines the best of services offered to individuals across different touch points of their lives, I considered many names and logos. The name Sequence jumped out at me as reflective of the "Sequence" our lives take, through childhood and adulthood, through love and loss and wisdom hard earned, and moments of true joy if we are so fortunate.

We experience childhood and adolescence, are a child of a family and then are out on our own, perhaps to create a new family, perhaps to struggle with healing from events of our own childhood, often both at the same time. We are alone, yet make friendships of increased complexity, we may even partner with the song of true love in our hearts. This may lift us up, or we may learn that there is more of our own song we need to learn to sing before creating a duet. And throughout it all is our education, our career. As we partner and parent we are working to survive and perhaps thrive. Of course to support ourselves, but hopefully to feel our purpose and our meaning, to see if the world around us desires the gifts we bring.

Sequencing, Scope and Sequence, Sequence of Events...a pattern decoded, a path followed, a plan formed.

The Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical equation depicted by the spiral art seen in our practice logo. The spiral abounds in nature, from the unfolding fern, the whorl of a seashell, the twist of a hurricane. The fibonacci sequence is a pattern unending. A"golden ratio" of proportion. Like our lives, ever changing, in motion, yet holding the shape of us. I am always me as the Sequence of my life unfods, you are always you.

The art and science of you. May Your Sequence Be Golden.