Career Starters

Career Starters

This dynamic and interactive 2 hour workshop is a confidence and skill building experience for young adults to craft a strategic and successful entry into the workforce.  Questions get asked and answered, individual circumstances can be addressed, and participants can share ideas and techniques!

This workshop covers:

  • Strengths and Values Assessments with discussion of career path exploration

  • Volunteering and Internship opportunities to build subject area credibility and networks

  • Resume and cover letter writing guidelines and tips

  • LinkedIn profiles and other uses of social media for networking

  • Other successful networking strategies, including tips for "Introverts"

  • How to create opportunities through "informational Interviewing" 

  • Interviewing techniques and tips

  • Negotiation strategies for accepting a job offer

  • Skills for declining a job offer that keep future options open

  • Entry level positions worth considering



This workshop is intended for young adults and recent graduates who are establishing their professional goals and new to their professional field. The facilitator is Michele Pulaski, MA, NCC. To learn more about Michele visit:

During the workshop the presenter shares trends in the current workforce, and teaches best practices for job searching that are great for the young adult motivated to develop their professional image and start out their career on the right track.


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Day & Time: 
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Michele Pulaski, MA, NCC
240-200-5401 ext 3