March 2021 marks the one year point when Sequence transitioned to a fully remote practice in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has been an amazingly challenging year, but one with many silver linings. Our practice has continued to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients. As we enter the Spring of 2021 with all Sequence personnel having received the Covid-19 vaccine, our plans for returning to the office for in-person sessions are these:

March: Our office manager returns to our Rockville office 2 days a week. Providers only may use the office space as schedules permit for tele-therapy services.

April-June: Providers may schedule outdoor sessions as is helpful at our Silver Spring office, using our private backyard garden space, the nearby park or the downtown Silver Spring area. Masks are required when within six feet.

July-August: In office sessions may be offered in the Silver Spring offices with enhanced ventilation utilizing open windows, exhaust fans, and air purifiers along with other sanitizing procedures and practices.

September: In office visits in Rockville will be reviewed, these offices do not not have the same level of ventilation so proof of vaccination status may be requested.

All clients would be able to arrange in person sessions as appropriate in Silver Spring, scheduling dependent and as approved by your provider.

Our practice will always offer the option of VIRTUAL SERVICES, as the primary service delivery or as needed, even as the pandemic concerns ease.

We have all learned how effective and useful this method can be. A silver lining indeed.